Notes: Tutorial Intro to Lambda Calculus by Raul Rojas

Posted on November 14, 2017 by jcb


This is a workthrough of a short paper introducing the Lambda Calculus by Raul Rojas. A link to the paper is here.

I found this paper as a follow-up resource listed in Chapter 1 of Haskell Programming from First Principle by Chris Allen and Julie Moronuki, my notes for which can be found here: Notes: Haskell Programming From First Principles, Allen & Moronuki

Please note that I am using the \ character to indicate λ. This is partially so that my notation is closer to Haskell, and partially so I don’t have to write &lambda all the time in the Markdown file this page is being generated from. In my first draft of these notes I actually wrote everything in LaTex (using MathJax to display it on the page). Despite how great LaTex is (and MathJax!), this was a huge mistake as it proved to be horrifically labor-intensive. So all the pseudocode in these notes are just going to be in ascii.