Notes (PVIM 02/21): Normal Mode

Tip 7: Pause with Your Brush Off the Page

Tip 8: Chunk Your Undos

Tip 9: Compose Repeatable Changes

Tip 10: Use Counts to Do Simple Arithmetic

Tip 11: Don’t Count If You Can Repeat

Tip 12: Combine and Conquer

Mode Key Effect
Normal c change {motion}
Normal d delete {motion}
Normal daw delete a word
Normal dap delete a paragraph
Normal gu make {motion} lowercase
Normal gU make {motion} uppercase
Normal gUaw make a word uppercase
Normal gUU make line uppercase
Normal ~ swap case under cursor
Normal g~ swap case for {motion}
Normal > shift indent right for {motion}
Normal < shift indent left for {motion}
Normal << shift line indent left