Notes (PVIM 01/21): The Vim Way

Chapter 1: The Vim Way

Tip 1: Meet the Dot Command

Mode Key Effect
N . repeat last change
N u undo last change
N d delete {motion}
N dd delete line
N > indent {motion}
N >G increase indent until end of file
N i enter insert mode
I <Esc> exit insert mode

Tip 2: Don’t Repeat Yourself

Mode Key Effect
N $ move to end of line (buck stops here)
N a append after current position"
N A $a append at end of line
N c c change text
N C c$ change to end of line
N s cl substitute one to right
N S ^C substitute line
N I ^i insert at start of line
N o A<CR> open a new line
N O ko open a new line above

Tip 3: Take One Step Back, Then Three Forward

Mode Key Effect
N s substitute
N f find a character
N ; repeat last search

Tip 4: Act, Repeat, Reverse

Mode Key Effect
N @: repeat Ex command
N & repeat last :s[ubstitute] command
N t toward (one before) a character
N F find backwards
N T toward backwards
N n repeat / or ? search
N N repeat / or ? search backwards
N qx{changes}q quote changes as “x”
N @x repeat changes quoted as x

Tip 5: Find and Replace by Hand

Mode Key Effect
N * search for word

Tip 6: Meet the Dot Formula