Notes (HPFP 17/31): Applicative

17 Applicative

17.5 Applicative in use

Exercises: Lookups

see Lookups.hs

Exercises: Identity Instance

see Identity.hs

List Applicative Exercise

see exercises/src/ListApplicative.hs

ZipList Applicative Exercise

see exercises/src/ListApplicative.hs

Exercise: Variations on Either

see exercises/src/VariationEither.hs

17.9 Chapter Exercises

see exercises/src/ChapterExercises.hs

17.11 Follow-up resources

  1. Tony Morris; Nick Partridge; Validation library

  2. Conor McBride; Ross Paterson; Applicative Programming with Effects

  3. Jeremy Gibbons; Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira; Essence of the Iterator Pattern

  4. Ross Paterson; Constructing Applicative Functors

  5. Sam Lindley; Philip Wadler; Jeremy Yallop; Idioms are oblivi- ous, arrows are meticulous, monads are promiscuous. Note:Idiom means applicative functor and is a useful search term for published work on applicative functors.