Notes (HPFP 28/31): Basic Libraries

28 Basic Libraries

28.2 Benchmarking with Criterion

see benchmark/src/Index.hs

28.3 Profiling your programs

see benchmark/ see benchmark/src/

28.4 Constant applicative forms

see benchmark/ see benchmark/ see benchmark/

28.5 Map

Exercise: Benchmark Practice

see benchmark/src/mapSetBench.hs

28.8 Vector

Exercises: Vector

Enable profiling in stack.yaml with:

  library-profiling: true
  executable-profiling: true

see benchmark/src/vectorMemory.hs

28.10 Chapter Exercises

Difference List

see benchmark/src/DList.hs

A simple queue

see benchmark/src/Queue.hs

28.10 Chapter Exercises

28.11 Follow-up resources

  1. Criterion tutorial; Bryan O’Sullivan
  2. Demystifying DList; Tom Ellis
  3. Memory Management; GHC; Haskell Wiki
  4. Performance; Haskell Wiki
  5. Pragmas, specifically UNPACK; GHC Documentation
  6. High Performance Haskell; Johan Tibell
  7. Haskell Performance Patterns; Johan Tibell
  8. Faster persistent data structures through hashing; Johan Tibell
  9. Lazy Functional State Threads; John Launchbury and Simon Peyton Jones
  10. Write Haskell as fast as C: exploiting strictness, laziness and recursion; Don Stewart
  11. Haskell as fast as C: A case study; Jan Stolarek
  12. Haskell FFT 11: Optimisation Part 1; Ian Ross
  13. Understanding the RealWorld; Edsko de Vries
  14. Stream Fusion; Duncan Coutts
  15. Purely functional data structures; Chris Okasaki