Notes (HPFP 22/31): Reader

22 Reader

22.2 A new beginning

Short Exercise: Warming Up

see WarmingUp.hs

22.5 But uh, Reader?

Exercise: Ask

see Ask.hs

22.6 Functions have an Applicative too

Exercise: ReadingComprehension

see ReadingComprehension.hs

22.7 The Monad of functions

Exercise: Reader Monad

see ReadingComprehension.hs

see Person.hs

22.11 Chapter Exercises

see ReaderPractice.hs

Rewriting Shawty: I’m gonna come back to this. I’m not the biggest fan of the url shortener exercise. It’s in this weird midpoint between too complicated to totally understand without prior background and not complicated enough to actually be all that fun to play with.

22.13 Follow-up resources

  1. Reader Monad; All About Monads 2.Reader Monad; Programming with Monads; Real World Haskell